Products of Ghaem Glass Co

Double Glazed Glass

These windows are thermally warm compared to traditional ones (metal windows).

Security Glass

This type of glass is a product of window glass, color, reflex, printed or lacquer.

Laminate Glass

Laminate glass is one of a variety of safety glasses that can be coated with two or more layers of flat glass.

Decorative Glass

One of the applications of technology advancement is the use of various colored glasses, in particular glass of beautiful decorations in curtain and interior design.

Modern Constructional Glass

About a third of the energy of a building is wasted through windows. For this reason, efforts have been focused on reducing energy consumption in buildings on windows.

Bullet Proof Glass

Safety and security of buildings are important and therefore it is necessary to add to its properties by preserving the unique properties and properties of the glass.

This new set is designed to produce special glasses that include a variety of Jumbo size security glasses, a variety of laminate glass, anticorrosive, anti-bullet, anti-explosion and anti-fire and special structures. Considering the development of this group and the completion of its product portfolio, since then, all the construction industry, mass makers, and government agencies … can meet all their needs simultaneously from this collection and concern themselves with supplying Eliminate various factories and post-occupation problems and safely capture the quality, quantity, and ultimately relaxation of imagination together and together.


Ghaem Glass Co in 2055 in order to meet the needs of Glass Industrial Security and double operation of the first phase of the use of machines with the latest technology of Europe and experts specializing in the production of glass, tempered, double and three chambered in the industrial zone, three-way Mobarakeh (located 20 km from the city) started and was able to quickly considerable part of Isfahan’s bazaar and surrounding towns received and given very high importance in the production of quality terms The share of this market share increased day by day, and the company’s officials turned to Thought to develop the collection and supply of new market needs.


Ghaem Glass Factory of Isfahan is one of the glass processing factories in Iran, which is consistent with the policy and objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran and utilizes its dedicated and dedicated manpower and optimal utilization of operational capacities. It has been offering its products to our esteemed customers. Make In order to improve the level of its services in product quality, the company has integrated into compliance with ISO 14001: 2015, ISO9001: 2015, OHSAS 18001: 2007 management standards.


In the sight of Allah Almighty, I swear by myself that I am dressed every day and all the time with an apparition, and in a regular environment and, finally, with respect and order, with respect to the good and good, interact with the clerk and colleagues and in the shortest possible time Carrying out the affairs done in full sincerity and observance of fairness. In case of failure to meet the wishes of the client, provide sufficient explanations to clarify their minds. In accordance with the transcendental goals of the organization and the country, they are bound to fulfill the mission, principles and charter below. And stick to it.

It constantly strives to use new customer relationship management systems and customer satisfaction levels to improve its activities, and has been working with a reseller network with sales agents around the country to make their products readily available. Put their customers


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